Current Status of Known Extra-Humans

This document provides an up-to-date list of the current status of the Superheroes and villains of Valor City. Use it for your own safety as citizens of Valor City; familiarise yourself with the Superheroes you can trust, and be vigilant for those you can’t. If you encounter any of the Supervillains listed here, do not engage – retreat to a safe location and call the police for support if necessary. Conversely, please be respectful of our Superheroes and try not to interfere with the work they do in keeping our city safe.

Extra-Human abilities are defined from most powerful to least powerful as Prime > Primary > Secondary > Tertiary. Where ‘None’ is entered, that individual has no known extra-human abilities. There are currently only two known Primes, and their abilities far exceed those of any other Extra-Humans.


Vitruvian Man Active  Prime

Tall, muscular male with blonde hair.

Wears a white skin tight uniform with a large red V across the torso, red boots, red gauntlets, and a red cape.

Unparalleled strength and speed
X-ray vision
Heat vision
Amarynthia Active  Prime

Tall, athletic female with striking red hair.

Wears a dark blue leather costume with gold armor pieces.

Unparalleled strength and speed
Iron Raven Active  Primary

A male of athletic physique.

Wears a matte black armor / suit with an array of weaponry and retractable wings.

(Citation: It is currently unknown if Iron Raven is Extra-Human or if his powers are derived only from his suit. However, as his abilities far exceed normal human boundaries, he has been designated as Primary by the Frederickson Research into Extra-Human Development Group.)
Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed
DIDi Active  Primary

Female with slender physique and short blonde hair.

Wears various colorful costumes, all featuring a shining silver breastplate and gauntlets, and a silver domino mask.

Forcefield creation
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced healing
Astra Active  Primary Glowing female figure made of opalescent crystal. Flight
Energy Beams
Enhanced Strength
Damage Immunity
Romanus Active  Secondary

Tall, muscular male in a Roman soldier outfit.

Wields a shield and sword.

Enhanced strength, speed, healing and reflexes
Phase Active  Secondary

 Female of average physique.

Wears a dark red leotard with an emblem of two interlocked atoms on the chest.

Can alter her density
Thunder Active  Secondary

Muscular male.

Wears leather pants and vest. Wields a large warhammer in combat.

Enhanced strength and healing
Some invulnerability to damage
Chelidonia Active Secondary

Female with a toned physique, medium height, green hair, skin covered with fine hairs and spines.

Wears a fitted strapped vest and hakama, both in dark green, with gold and mustard trim and a golden embroidered floral Ume design.

Enhanced strength, speed and reflexes
Impervious to sharp objects
Can heal others
The Crowbar Active  None

Tall male of sturdy build.

Known to wear black combat clothing with bullet proof vest.

(Citation: It is currently unknown if the Crowbar has Extra-Human abilities. However, his documented behavior and actions would suggest at least low-level Extra-Human strength and speed. Frederickson Research into Extra-Human Development Group has not yet given him a designation.)
Unknown, possibly mildly enhanced healing and endurance
Bubble Jack Active  Tertiary

Male of short and slender physique.

Wears a bright blue costume with knee and shoulder pads, and a helmet.

Rubber-like bouncing at speed
The Queen Active  None

Tall, athletic female.

Wears flamboyant outfits and tall heels, wields two whips.

Push Unknown  Tertiary Female with dark eyes and hair. Push once affiliated herself with Valor City’s Superheroes, but has not been active in some time. Thought manipulation



Darkstar Active Primary

Medium height and build, blue eyes (black when using his abilities) and black hair.

Wears a form fitting black leather costume with a shining black cape.

Unparalleled strength
High-level invulnerability Radioactive energy manipulation
Deathstalker Active Primary

Medium-height, powerful muscular build, especially in the arms and hands – but his most defining feature is chitinous plates of pale greenish armour instead of skin.

Wears a trench coat, no shirt, combat pants and black boots.

Enhanced strength and speed
Impervious to most damage
Iced Tea Active  Secondary

Male of average physique,  dark blue hair.

Wears a blue and silver colored costume with blue tinted sunglasses.

Can shoot sub zero beams from his hands

The Mortician Active  Secondary

Male, medium build.

Wears a long black coat, black gloves, and a black top hat with a silk ribbon tied to it.

Can generate fog
Teleporation between shadows
Complete healing during teleportation
Lithium Inactive – In Custody  Secondary Male, athletic physique, regular clothing. Telekinesis
Lancet Inactive – In Custody  Secondary

Male, average build.

Wears regular clothing, but seems fond of his red leather jacket.

Rapture Active  Tertiary

Tall, slim female.

Wears a black costume reminiscent of a priest’s gown, including a hood that covers her face.

Telekinetic ability linked to causing wounds on others’ skin
Impervious to light damage
Decay Active  Secondary

Tall, very thin individual dressed in muddy brown rags and bandages and a hood concealing their face.

DO NOT COME IN TO PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH DECAY. If sighted, clear the area immediately and report to authorities.

 Touch-induced decay of living objects
Impervious to medium damage
Cain Active  Tertiary Male, most often seen in a black leather coat and jeans. Enhanced healing and perception