Behind The Scenes

Valor City Voice is a fictional publication chronicling life in Valor City, a sprawling metropolis that’s home to an original pantheon of superheroes and villains, that we refer to as Extra-Humans. Our paper will cover articles from the mundane to the exciting; the Hero Vs Villain fights, damage clean-up, court cases, more light-hearted magazine articles, opinion pieces, in-depth interviews with the city’s superpowers and so on. We aim to be socially aware and congruent with real-world politics and to provide content that’s both entertaining and hopefully a little thought-provoking. We also place importance on having a diverse cast of characters spanning a wide spectrum of race, gender and sexuality. Diversity FTW!

We also encourage our readers to join in by leaving in-character comments on our articles and even in the shoutbox on the right-hand side. Guest commenting is enabled, so you can create any persona you like to contribute with. Have fun and get engaged!

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Delyth Angharad

Writes as Dennis Angerhand, Cleveland Humphrey, Savannah Jones and Lei Loveflight.

Twitter: @WelshPixie
Instagram: @WelshPixie

Kristian Aho

Writes as Christina Glades, Savannah Jones and Darren Torrentino.

Chris Lynch

Rusty Zimmerman

Chris Tisdale

Writes as Erren Wilson and Mike Steele

Twitter: @MrChrisTisdale

Randall Arnold

Marlo Gall

Mark Pankhurst

Writes as Jeff Moore

Josh H.

Podcast as Mr.B

Twitter: @joshsdh

Pete Little

Writes as Curtis Page