Tales from the Bottom Rung: #1 – The Vision’s Tale

After a slight absence, I ventured back to The Bottom Rung last night. As per usual the same crowd of low-level extras, groupies and wannabes were in attendance in the cramped smoky back room of the Bottom Rung Bar. Two attendees had volunteered to take me up on my offer of a one on one interview. Well, I say two volunteered – one did at least, where the other was more recalcitrant and had to be persuaded by his fellow peers.

I recorded our chats and present them here with minimal comment or analysis.

Interview 1 – Claire Mullins Aka The Vision

“Hi, you’re Claire Mullins but you go by the name “The Vision”, is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And you’re a ‘Sidekick’ I believe?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I’m a sidekick for Evanescence.”

“Evanescence? I’ve not seen her around here”

“<giggles> No you won’t have. She’s … Well… Invisible, I guess!”

“Invisible? Wow that is interesting. So what does this ‘Evanescence’ do? Who is she, what’s her real name?”

“Candice Madden is her real name, or at least it was.”

“Candice Madden? That sounds familiar, has she been in the news recently?”

“Yeah last month, there was, a situation, at college. She went missing and authorities suspected foul play”

“But didn’t it transpire that she’d just run away?”

“They said that, yeah, she’d been being bullied at college. But she didn’t run away. She just, erm, left I guess”

“I don’t follow. Surely that’s the same thing?”

“Well, no, yeah, kinda. Look it’s hard to explain. She ‘Went away’ but she’s still here.”

“You’ll have to elaborate on that a little, if you can…”

“She was always shy, picked on a lot, y’know? Her and I both were, because we were… Erm… ‘Close’”

“Ah, ok.”

“Anyway one day she didn’t turn up to class but I knew she was ok. I dunno how, I just felt she was nearby.”

“She’d turned invisible, is that it?”

“Yeah, no… Well, kinda. She’s invisible, inaudible, intangible, she’s right here but not here at the same time if you follow?”

“Wait – she’s here?”

“Yeah, she’s next to me. But she can’t interact with anything or anyone except through me.”


“I know what you’re thinking. It’s what everyone thinks. She’s run away and I can’t bear to be without her so I convinced myself she’s still here.”

“No, I -”

“It’s ok, I’m used to it. It’s odd but I KNOW she’s here. I feel her, not physically but she’s here. She can’t interact with much, but sometimes, in the rain or fog you can just make out an area where it’s slightly displaced. Y’know… You can almost see her if you know what to look for.”

“Ok. So she doesn’t do much hero work then?”

“No, but she’s happy. I sense that, I have a connection with her. It’s nice. Just the two of us.”

“Ok. Well thanks. That’s been… Interesting. I’ll let you go for now and perhaps chat to you again sometime.”

“Thanks, it’s been nice”

I was about to write her off as a delusional young girl, but when she opened the door to the main room and the clouds of cigarette smoke billowed in, just for a second I thought that there was a slight human-shaped void in the midst of the smoke. Perhaps it’s just a trick of the light, or wishful thinking on my behalf. But it gave me cause for thought – if you were shy and put upon, wouldn’t you hide if you could? What if your natural shyness was somehow amplified by extra abilities? Cutting yourself off so completely except for perhaps the one person you were closest to? In the crazy world of the extra-enabled human, who am I to judge what is and isn’t possible?