Donny Wade Rally Pits Ice Against Fire

A rally of Donny Wade supporters at Downtown today was cut short when Iced Tea showed up to disrupt proceedings, but faced unlikely opposition in the form of the fiery duo Char Girl and Barbequeen.

Though usually putting firemen through their paces with their arson antics, the sizzling pair pitted themselves against the villain Iced Tea at the scene of today’s gathering of Wade supporters.

Iced Tea expressed his disapproval of Wade’s rhetoric by causing chaos and property damage with his icy blasts, injuring several civilians in the process and destroying three cars and two shop-fronts. Char Girl and Barbequeen intervened, trying to explain to Iced Tea that his actions would only fuel those present into being more supportive of Wade’s Extra-Registration notions, but when Iced Tea failed to see reason, the two sides clashed over the heads of civilians with their elemental attacks.

Five rally-goers are being treated for second- and third-degree burns at Downtown Memorial Hospital, two for frostbite and one for mild hypothermia after being encased in ice for several seconds. The Newton Foundation has already begun clean-up proceedings.