Teller Forgets Robbing His Own Bank

A small branch of Valor City Central Bank in Winterborough was robbed yesterday afternoon by one of its own tellers who claims innocence as he ‘can’t remember doing it’.

Zachary Hart, who has been an employee of Valor City Central Bank for over five years, is requesting the help of Armstrong & Co. to defend him in what is one of the law firm’s most unusual cases to date.

Mr. Hart was caught on CCTV filling an unmarked black rucksack with bills to the value of $50,000 USD before leaving the bank. Street-front cameras caught him walking along Victory Street before turning into an alley uncovered by CCTV, emerging moments later without the rucksack. Mr. Hart returned to work and resumed the last hour of his shift as if nothing had happened. The bag has not been found and a police search of the alley has turned up no evidence.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Hart’s representative from Armstrong & Co said that “Mr. Hart is fully convinced of his own innocence and believes that nefarious circumstances were at play. He recalls the moments before and after the incident, but nothing in between. We are investigating the possibility of Extra-Human involvement, and pursuing avenues that will confirm Mr. Hart’s innocence.”