‘Uber-Man’ Miller In Trouble Again

Nicholas Miller, otherwise known as self-named ‘Uber-Man’, is in trouble with VCPD again after charging citizens money to fly them around Valor City in what police are calling ‘dangerous joy-riding’ that ‘focused on his own financial gain with little thought to the safety of his customers’. Miller, who has had frequent run-ins with police over the years when trying to monetise his Extra-abilities in thoughtless ways, is being charged with several counts of negligence and reckless endangerment.

Miller had attempted to utilise Armstrong & Co’s new legal aid initiative in an effort to have the fines dismissed. Armstrong & Co declined to represent him stating that ‘it’s clear Mr. Miller does not fully comprehend the consequences of his own actions; his punishment as officiated by the VCPD is fair under the law and he should be held responsible’.

Frank Armstrong stepped in himself, however, and has paid Mr. Miller’s fines under the obligation that Miller pay Armstrong back by working for his company. Armstrong will be utilising Miller’s power of flight and enhanced strength to deliver important documents and packages around Valor City.

We asked one of Miller’s customers what they thought of the whole thing;

“The police are killjoys. It’s just a bit of fun, ya know? It’s my money, I should be able to spend it however I want. I had fun, it was exciting. It’s just like being on a rollercoaster – it feels dangerous and you think you’re going to fall out but you’re perfectly safe.”

(VCV) “But rollercoasters have safety harnesses that prevent you from falling – do you realise that Miller had no safety measures in place, that he could have dropped you at any time?