Violence Erupts In Hamilton

Two dead and three injured after two Extras were attacked in Hamilton.

The two Extras, members of the local community and living civilian lives putting their powers to use in everyday life, were walking on Stratford Street in Hamilton when they were ambushed by a group of six men who were shouting inflammatory insults and slurs at them.

The situation quickly escalated into violence and three of the six men attacked the Extras with baseball bats. One of the two Extras fell to the ground as he was hit across the face.

What happened next was, by all accounts, an act of desperate self-defense. The second Extra defended himself and his friend with a telekinetic blast, sending two of the attackers across the street and into a wall, killing both instantly. The third assailant was thrown on the road and into oncoming traffic, but cars managed to stop in time, preventing further casualties.

The remaining attackers fled the scene.

Following the incident, Commissioner McCarthy released a short statement;

“During the past few months we have seen a rise in attacks against Extra-Humans. Until now, we have been fortunate to avoid casualties. That is no longer the case. This was a hate crime, plain and simple. This was a crime fueled by increasingly hateful rhetoric aimed at Extras living in this city – something that I am sorry to say we have been hearing more and more as of late. I implore all citizens of Valor City; if you hear someone espouse such ideals, say something. This city is at its strongest when we look out for our weakest, and even Extras need the protection of our society.”

  • Velocirapture

    Listen, i know i keep on about it, but where were the police? I’m starting to think that they are involved somehow in this Extra-Human hate. I mean, think about it – Whose job are the extras doing? And who are they showing up, by doing it better?