Glamour and Masks on the Red Carpet

It was a night of glitz and glamour at the Grand Orchid Theatre, when stars mingled with superheroes at the premiere of The Vigilants, the first of three films based on the heroic deeds of the late 70s superhero team of the same name.

Lance Steele, formerly superhero Colonel Steel, who produced the film was joined on the red carpet by his former team mates Purple Fox and Dominator, the last members of the team still alive. Purple Fox wowed the audience with a low cut Vivienne Westwood gown, while still sporting her trademark mask.

”I am so happy the film is finally ready,” said Steele. ”And I think Channing made excellent work as a younger me, couldn’t be happier.”

Channing Tatum took the role after a meeting with Steele, saying he was amazed by the ”war stories” Steele told him, and the direction the film series will be taking.

Representing the newer generation of heroes at the premiere were Vitruvian Man, Amarynthia, and Astra (who appropriately dimmed her usual bright glow for the screening), with Iron Raven again being a no show.

Other luminaries at the premiere included mayor Rick Donner and Newton Dynamics owner and CEO Brian Newton. Newton, noted superhero fan, was seen taking selfies with The Vigilants and The Valors, and was overheard asking if he would get to meet Iron Raven.

  • Rob

    Saw it last night with my girl and we both loved it! Nice work Steele! GO VIGILANTS!!