FRED Talk Interrupted by Telekinetic Attack

A FRED Talk hosted by Valor City’s resident powerhouse DIDi came to an abrupt stop last night when the Valor City University’s auditorium was invaded by Lithium and Lancet.

DIDi was in the middle of her presentation about her life with Dissociative Identity Disorder, in which she discussed the misconceptions she often faces and the challenge of balancing a life between being an advocate for mental health issues and being a superhero, when the entire auditorium began to shake.

It appeared that the villainous duo, who are known for their telekinetic and telepathic misdeeds, intended to collapse the building on top of DIDi in a revenge attempt following their last encounter with the superhero.

Witnesses to the attack report that DIDi used her force fields to protect the audience from falling rubble, before unleashing a devastating psionic attack on Lithium. She then turned her attention to Lancet, dispatching him with a single punch that threw him across the length of the auditorium.

Police now have both assailants in custody, but sources confirm that Lithium is currently being held at Valor Memorial Hospital’s psychiatric ward for treatment – following DIDi’s mental attack, Lithium now believes that he is a six year old girl.

The FRED Talk is scheduled to be resumed next weekend, after the Newton Foundation finishes repairs of the auditorium.

  • PandaPaws

    Poor DIDi, she’s so lovely 🙁

    • NotUrCuck

      Poor Lithium, you mean. Typical Extra simpathizer, no consideration for the damage they cause. DIDi handed out an ass-kicking and left Lithium in an INSANE ASYLUM but sure, DIDi is the one to feel sorry for here. Screw you.

      • ValorBoBalor


        • NotUrCuck

          SCREW YOU TOO

      • Trumpy

        Totally agree, how do we know that Lithium and Lancet were the ones attacking? you can’t PROVE it was them, for all we know DIDi was bringing the roof down on herself to frame L&L. They could have been trying to prevent this atrocity.

        • ValorBoBalor

          Oh my god. Did someone say ‘alternative facts’?? There are WITNESSES. There were other people there.