Newton Dynamics Acquires… Toy Factory?

Surprising news from the world of business this week as Newton Dynamics announced that the company will be branching out into the toy making business. Newton Dynamics owner and CEO Brian Newton released a statement explaining this new venture;

”Newton Dynamics has entered into an agreement with The Valors to produce a line of official The Valors toys and other merchandise. Our new subsidiary, Newton Toys, will start production of Vitruvian Man, Amarynthia, and Iron Raven action figures as early as next month, with a second wave of toys set to arrive in stores just in time for Christmas. As per our agreement, 30% of profits will go to The Valors to fund their operations, and 50% will go directly to the Newton Foundation for the betterment of our great city.”

This new venture further solidifies Brian Newton’s position as Valor City’s number one superhero benefactor. Newton, describing himself as an Iron Raven ”fanboy”, has often expressed his strong support of The Valors and other Valor City heroes.

Whether or not the toys will include a villains series remains to be seen, although it is highly doubtful that the likes of The Mortician or Rapture would look kindly on their likeness being used to fund The Valors.

  • SuperFan

    Yessss! Can’t wait to get my hands on some collectibles!

    • baconivore

      Me too, I am going to collect the heck out of these. I wonder how they’ll do Astra… translucent plastic? Will there be L.E.D.s? Glow-in-the-dark?

      • SuperFan

        I dunno but I hope they can do her justice. All the other Astra merch I’ve seen looks kinda tacky, they can never get that pearly thing she has going on right.