‘Have-A-Go’ Hero Recovering After Assault

A 25 year old man from Fontana is recovering in hospital after an attempted intervention went drastically wrong yesterday evening.

Brock Higgins, who also goes by the name ‘Professor Apocalypse’, attempted to intervene in an armed robbery of a liquor store in the Elysian Grove district of Fontana.  The two assailants initially were set to surrender until they noticed the ‘amateur’ state of his costume and chose to challenge. A scuffle ensued, causing significant damage to the property and left Brock with a broken arm, a fractured skull and a shattered left tibia.

Mr Higgins, who wore a homemade black and gold leotard outfit and matching mask and cape during his attack, is said to possess no extra human abilities said it was ‘his civic duty to right wrongs and ensure justice prevailed’ before the ambulance crew drove him off to ER.

Mrs Ella Higgins, mother of ‘Professor Apocalypse’ said that “he’s a good kid really. He just wanted to help I suppose. It’s why I made him his outfit. I didn’t expect him to take on two thugs armed with baseball bats.”

Officer Moody of the VCPD praised his ‘confidence’ but added that ‘crime fighting should be left to the professionals’.

However Aksel Aavik, owner of the attacked ‘25/8 Liquor and Cigarette Emporium’ on Gaslamp Avenue was less complimentary. Speaking to this reporter after the incident he had this to say;

“Bleedin’ kid. Everything was under control. The punks wanted some smokes and some booze and a bit of pin money from the till. I keep a few singles in there, the real dough goes under the mat. Nuffink I couldn’t handle. This this stupid kid steps up, heroic pose and yelling ‘Yield criminals!‘ and all that! it almost got them until one noticed his bloody bottle bottom glasses under his mask. Things got violent and they smashed up him and the shelves in the process. I was better off without his help if you ask me.”

Extra-Hero DIDi is said to have visited Mr Higgins in Fontana General Hospital and signed his casts.

VCPD released a report stating that the two assailants are still at large.