Surge of Confused Crime Reports Has Police Baffled

Police are baffled as a sudden influx of crime reports concerning The Fairy King began flooding in not long after the ‘vanishing nightclubs‘ incident (which still has not resolved).

In a statement to the press on Wednesday, Commissioner McCarthy revealed that a number of previously unknown key witnesses in ongoing investigations have stepped forward with new information and witness testimonies – information that has not only re-opened several cases that were closed due to inability to prosecute from lack of evidence, but has allowed as many ongoing cases to advance significantly towards trial.

Valor City Voice interviewed one witness who wishes to remain anonymous;

“It was last Friday morning. I got up, was making breakfast when I suddenly remembered a bunch of stuff I’d been involved in, against my wishes, with Danann and his goons. I don’t know why I’d forgotten, it was like some fog had lifted and I could remember everything. I can’t give details, but it’s some pretty heavy stuff – stuff I’d have definitely gone to the police with because it affects my business, my life. It’s extortion. It’s not the kind of thing I’d let slide, you know? I don’t know. I don’t know where that went, in my head. I don’t know where those memories went.”

This is just one of dozens of witness testimonies that have been keeping Valor City Police busy since last Friday that implicate Fin Danann in investigations throughout many of the city’s districts. Police have still not been able to reach Danann for questioning.

Valor City Voice will provide more news as the story develops.

  • Velocirapture

    Sounds like extra-human involvement from the dark side, if you ask me. C’mon police – I hardly find that baffling.