The Ghost of Pineways Pass?

If you’re heading North-West out of Valor City you’re probably going to take the CR-11, and if you’re in a rush you’re going to skip the scenic offbranch that meanders to the south of the main road closer to the river for a few miles – but if you’re in no hurry, you’d be remiss not to take Pineways Pass and absorb the truly stunning scenery as the road climbs higher and offers sweeping views over Valor City.

That is – unless you’re travelling at night.

It’s a bit of an urban legend, one you’ll be especially familiar with if you’re a Northpine resident – The Ghost of Pineways Pass. On the cusp of the advent of Extra-Humans, sightings began to be reported of a ghostly figure wandering the pass at night; we might have a more reasonable explanation these days, but back then, the conclusion immediately drawn was that the pass was haunted. Several cars have almost gone over the edge after swerving to miss a figure walking alone along the middle of the road, and others have stopped to offer a lift to a lonely traveler sitting on the grassy bank only to wind their window down to nothingness.

With more and more Extra-Humans born every day we’re now more likely to believe that the figure at Pineways Pass is perhaps not a ghost but rather a manifestation of someone’s abilities the explanation might be as innocent as someone who can become semi-transparent who enjoys long walks through the woods by moonlight.

Have you seen the Ghost of Pineways Pass? What do you think is the explanation for the ghostly figure?