Newton Escorted Out Of Tara’s In Drunken Stupor

After a week that started poorly, things have only gotten worse for the billionaire entrepreneur Brian Newton. Last night several club-goers as well as paparazzi witnessed Newton being escorted into his limo from Tara’s, The Fairy King’s premiere club in High Rises.

Newton was barely conscious, and he had reportedly been downing tequila and vodka shots for an hour before standing on a table and proclaiming himself to be a ”sexy golden god of tech and pussy”.

While overtly sexual behavior is not only allowed but often promoted at The Fairy King’s clubs, Newton’s spiraling behavior became a disturbance to other patrons.

This is not the first time the notoriously volatile billionaire has exhibited troublesome behavior. Having just come out of a losing performance at Valor City Tech Convention and also managing to hold off his unhappy board of directors, however, this public display likely won’t help him feel any better.