Wade Continues to Cause Stir at City Hall

During a city council session today councilman Donny Wade again took the floor to discuss the matter of Extra-Humans and the dangers he sees they pose.

“Two days ago the criminal Extra-Human known only as Decay attacked the Elm Route station in Red City. They wreaked havoc, destroyed property, killed nine and left six injured. All the while, the mayor sits and does nothing, letting the Newton Foundation handle all the aftermath, pretending there’s no problem. Well there is a problem. There’s a big problem. We let these – these things run around, doing whatever, and we have no means of stopping them.”

When councilwoman Herrera pointed out that the tragic and chaotic event was also stopped by Extra-Humans, councilman Wade retorted “Two women in masks with no identities, no names? Do we even know if they’re citizens?”

Wade’s repeated and increasingly heavy tone has lead most to assume that he will contend Mayor Donner in the upcoming mayoral race.

Joel Velasquez from the mayor’s office had this to say: “While it is easy to try to pin the fault for these types of incidents on the mayor’s office, or say that the mayor sits and does nothing, the reality is, no Extra-related incident in this city goes by without the Mayor being notified, and a team appointed by the Mayor working with the Newton Foundation to coordinate repair and rebuild efforts.”

  • Kristal Crow

    Christina, kudos on reporting on this without resorting to strangling anyone!

  • Greg

    “Things”?? If Wade keeps going with rhetoric like that he’s not going to have any voters if he runs against Donner!

  • Cleatus

    Get all the extras off the streets. No extra-villains causing damage, no extra-heroes engaging with them and making more of a mess. Let’s go back to how it used to be before all these extras started showing up!!

    • ~*Scarface*~

      …no. Just no.