Frank Armstrong Extends Reach of Free Legal Representation

In an announcement many of Valor City’s citizens have been waiting months for, Frank Armstrong today confirmed that the pro-bono division of Armstrong & Associates that offers free legal representation to certain groups will be extending its reach to include those that fall under a certain income bracket.

Previously only able to extend coverage to the unemployed, Armstrong & Associates has been battling red tape for over a year while finalizing their plans to include a sizable chunk of Valor City’s population in its embrace.

“I’m so happy that we’re finally in a position to be able to offer this service,” Frank Armstrong commented earlier today. “People on a minimum wage, people who can only work part time, are often overlooked – they’ve got work, right? They’re earning an income, they don’t need help. That’s a lovely rose-tinted view that only serves to enable rich people to further detach themselves from reality. And the reality is harsh, I kinda don’t blame them for not wanting to see it. The reality is that if you’re earning under a certain amount, if all your money is going on food and bills, you can’t save. You can’t afford to put money away every month for emergencies, and when they happen, you’re in trouble.”

Armstrong, who often competes for the cover of Esquire alongside Newton and Khan and has placed in the top five for Valor City’s Sexiest Men five years in a row, is a much-loved figure among Valor City’s working class. As one of the lucky few who’ve escaped The Trench’s restrictive walls and propelled himself to excellence, Armstrong is not shy about sharing his wealth.

“Armstrong & Associates has been providing free legal representation to Valor City’s unemployed for years, now. We’ve always wanted to extend our reach to include people on a lower income bracket and we’re finally able to do that. We’ve got an amazing teal of supremely qualified lawyers under our belt, and that’s a worrying prospect if you’re out there trying to sue someone over dubious circumstances. knowing they don’t have the money to take you to court. It’s little wonder we faced resistance at every step of this process, but we overcame. And we’re here now, to help you.”

  • Kristal Crow

    Representation! o/