Newton Dynamics Underwhelms VCTC Audience

After likely being used to taking the show by storm it must have come as a disappointment to Brian Newton, owner and CEO of Newton Dynamics, when he placed a clear second to Jeremiah Khan’s show-stopping VC Tech Con performance.

Newton unveiled his company’s newest submission to the consumer electronics market and audience and critics alike were not entirely impressed. While Newton’s newest phones, tablets, and wearables were all sufficiently advanced and included all expected improvements from last year’s crop, his masterpiece for the night left the audience disappointed.

When Newton announced his creation – HoloLife, a 360-degree camera that holographically reproduces any picture it takes – the audience was at first impressed. While the tech itself is impressive and promises new and exciting opportunities, it comes with a price tag that most people feel doesn’t match the gadget itself.

“2200 dollars for a camera? Yeah, I’ll pass,” said one convention visitor, a sentiment echoed by most.

There is no doubt that Newton knows how to push the boundaries of technology, but this time he came up short. That being said, the new ND9 phone is set to do well,  even if only due to the logo on the back.