Rose Lloyd Painting On Display at Midgrove Campus, VCU

The much-awaited new work by famed aura-artist Rose Lloyd is now on display in the main hall at the Midgrove campus of Valor City University, and I had the pleasure of seeing the installation at an early pre-public viewing this morning.

The work, titled Anthophilious, is painted in Lloyd’s usual oil-on-canvas technique and features a flower-drenched meadow rolling out over a scenic mountain vista, perfectly composed beneath a striking dawn sky. It’s a beautiful scene in itself, and can easily be appreciated for the notions of lazy summer days that it invokes; thoughts of picnicking on the grass under the shade of an ancient oak, the coconut scent of sun tan lotion, the happy background hum of laughing children and playful barking dogs.

Lloyd has imbued the work with an aura of gentle, upbeat energy that extends to a diameter of some thirty feet, but if you really want to feel the aura, standing within a few feet of the canvas will give you the full effect. As with all of Lloyd’s paintings, the sensation is both tangible and intangible – a definite shift in atmosphere, a feeling that something is influencing you, but in a gentle, non-invasive way. The experience is pleasant, and the aura she has chosen to accompany the painting is a perfect match for its university campus location. I am left with a soft internal buzzing of positivity, an easy upbeat vibe that today will be a good day, and a tingling sense of enthusiasm for getting stuck into my workload.

Students of Valor City University would do well to visit the hall and soak up the wonderful ambiance before heading to their lectures, and the timing of the painting’s display coincides perfectly with the upcoming mid-terms in two weeks’ time. It’s unknown yet whether this will be temporary display or a permanent fixture, so for those who’d like to see the painting who aren’t students here at VCU (and I strongly recommend at least one viewing – I’d be here every day if I could!), Midgrove Campus’ main hall will be open for public viewing of Anthophilious from 6am to 8am and 7pm to 10pm on weekdays, and from 10am to 10pm on weekends.