Newton Pharmaceuticals Happy Over Discovery of New Depression Drug

Progress continues at Newton Pharmaceuticals as a team led by Dr. Midori Kajiyama PhD, working on examining the potentially beneficial compounds of a small family of flowers, finds a substance that could be used to treat depression.

Dr. Kajiyama is known more familiarly to citizens of Valor City as her Extra-Human alter-ego Chelidonia, one of Valor City’s few Superheroes who are public about their Superhero personas. Though Dr. Kajiyama has little choice in keeping her identity a secret as the fine bristles that cover her skin are too distinctive to hide, she uses her public persona to increase awareness of the good that Extras contribute in keeping Valor City a safe and welcoming environment for its residents.

When not patrolling the city as Chelidonia, Dr. Kajiyama can be found hard at work heading the Pharmacognosy (the study of medicinal drugs derived from plants) division of Newton Pharmaceuticals. It is here, over the past few months, that a minor breakthrough has been made that will advance the treatment of depression.

Dr. Kajiyama described the breakthrough in her statement to the press;

“To explain what we’ve discovered in more accessible terms, we’ve isolated a substance that has shown promising results in blocking an enzyme that breaks down the chemicals that cause us to feel a sense happiness and well-being. We have a great deal of work ahead of us in developing this substance enough to take it to clinical trials, but we’re tentatively excited that this could potentially be a more gentle way of treating depression and related mood disorders with far fewer side effects than the drugs currently on the market.”