More Load Shedding Expected

It’s been four years since Darkstar tried to siphon energy from the Two Plains nuclear power plant, nearly causing a full meltdown and forcing Vitruvian Man to tear the entire reactor from the ground and hurl it into space in order to prevent a full scale disaster.

Since then, with only one functional reactor at the Two Plains plant, the city has struggled with blackouts and load shedding.

Immediately following the crisis, KGI Atomics banned Newton Foundation from the site, citing corporate secrets, and prompting a rather annoyed and vulgar response from CEO Brian Newton;

“I offered the city an option. Rebuild the KGI piece of shit, or let Newton Dynamics in. For the same cost we could build a far more cost-effective water- and solar- power system that would cover the entire fucking city – AND would save the city and its people hundreds of millions in the long run.”

At the time, city hall sided with Khan Global Initiative, and KGI Atomics opted to build a new reactor. But now, four years later, the new reactor is still being built, causing frustration among the citizens of Northpine and The Trench who are most often affected by the load shedding.

Following news of yet another delay today, Newton had the following to say;

“Newton Dynamics Tower has been off the grid and self-sustained for more than two years, now. In less than six months I’ve converted all Newton Dynamics owned properties to run off-grid on my own system,  while Khan whittles about with building one reactor. Next time, bet Newton.”

Sources say that Newton’s recent meeting with Mayor Donner included an offer that would allow Newton Dynamics to become a secondary provider of electricity to the city.

  • Kristal Crow

    Freaking brownouts at my house, all the time. KHAAAAAANNNN!