Khan Global Initiative Wows Audience At VCTC17

Jeremiah Khan came out guns blazing during his presentation on the opening day of VC Tech Con,  making no attempt to hide his intent to take out Brian Newton as the golden boy of the industry.

In a long awaited ceremony, Khan took the stage to unveil his company’s newest toys. Included in the lineup was a selection of smartphones and tablets, all latest greatest as expected, but what really took the audience was his new VR headset.

Sleek, lightweight, cordless, and operating fully with a holographic interface, no gloves or controllers required. Khan promises that the device is incredibly versatile and is suitable for both recreational and professional use, and that it will revolutionize several industries, from design to architecture.

We of course reached out to Brian Newton for his thoughts on today’s tech treats;

”He’s still in business?” was all Newton quipped on his way to a meeting with the mayor.

Newton Dynamics is set to unveil their new gadgets on Friday, but as for now, Khan has thrown down the gauntlet and Newton has to answer with something truly remarkable if he wants to outplay his rival.

  • BoMan5

    I want one but it’ll probably cost a fortune 🙁

  • baconivore

    I’m intrigued by this. Does anyone know anybody who’s actually been able to try this tech out? Wondering how it compares to current gear like the Chiasmus or the Verity. Does it need external calibration sensors or is it all self-contained?