Donner Kicks Off Re-election Campaign

Mayor Rick Donner today officially announced that he is seeking re-election.

”Over the past three and a half years, Valor City has continued to prosper and grow. Under my leadership we have made this city home not only to tens of thousands of new families, but to new businesses as well. From corner shops to Khan Global Initiative, this city is the place to be if you look to succeed in life.  I aim to keep it that way, which is why I am running again for mayor – so that we may all foster a better future for this great city of ours, its people, and its heroes.”

As mayor, Donner has been extremely popular – but with politics things can be very uncertain and the incumbent candidate may face strong opposition from councilman Donny Wade, who has gained momentum over recent months with his populous stance against Extra-Humans;

”Look, I like heroes too, ok? We all love heroes. But are all heroes really heroes? You got your Bubble Jacks and Phases who, I’m sorry, tend to cause more harm than they’re worth. Who cares that you prevented a bank heist if you crashed through a wall to do it, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know, maybe we should have a system to regulate these people?”

While most strongly disagree with councilman Wade, his tone has hit a chord among the people, and even among certain Extras of the city. At the moment, however, Mayor Donner is set to secure re-election.

  • madbaddad

    “But are all heroes really heroes?”

    New viral meme at Wade’s expense coming to VC in 3….2…..

  • ThunderFanboy

    “maybe we should have a system to regulate these people?”

    Good luck ‘regulating’ the guy who threw an entire nuclear reactor into space four years ago. Is it bad that I want Wade to try to do this just to see him get squashed?

    • Kristal Crow

      If Wade thinks he can regulate them, who is he going to choose to regulate next?

  • Alexis Espinar

    Look I know nobody likkes Wade and he’s kinda said some bad stuff but dont you think he has a point? I know we have that newton fund thing that cleans up after the extras are done breaking everything but like shouldn’t they be more responsible?